An overview of the frequency marketing defined by brand loyalty

Definition of Brand Loyalty Brand loyalty occurs when a customer chooses to repeatedly purchase a product produced by the same company instead of a substitute product produced by a competitor.

An overview of the frequency marketing defined by brand loyalty

Rewards programs and loyalty programs, do they work? How can you ensure your program drives behaviour? Are you just giving away margin? Three great questions, which we will try and answer in this overview of loyalty programs. The key to a successful customer loyalty program or rewards program is that it is attractive enough for customers to change their behaviour, but not so great you erode your margins.

An overview of the frequency marketing defined by brand loyalty

It was a recent trip to a McDonalds drive thru, in which I redeemed my full coffee loyalty card for a Cappuccino that prompted me to write this. I did some investigation around the topic, including a great article from Harvard Business Review in preparation of this.

Its not about loyalty defined: What can your loyalty scheme or rewards card do for you? They can make it harder for a customer to deflect and go to a competitor. They are about customer retention. Where a customer may buy products from a range of retailers, a loyalty program can give them an incentive to buy it all from you.

Add-on Sale Tiered reward programs or incentive programs sometimes can encourage customers to buy extra product to reach the next tier.

This is common with airlines who operate Silver, Gold and Platinum air mile programs. As you elevate through the tiers, you gain additional benefits. We have noticed that customers increase their frequency of visit as they get closer to a reward status — for instance get 1 free car wash after 6, or a free McDonalds coffee after 6.

Costing your rewards scheme. This is a challenge at the outset. Over time you will get good data to support your costings, initially you will be forced to make intelligent guesses.

Buy six coffees get one free. Other things to consider when costing McDonalds loyalty scheme. What percentage of reward cards are actually redeemed? Cost of creating the sticky beans and pull off loyalty card. What else I buy when ordering my coffee?

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The impact on my visit frequency as I get close to filling my loyalty card. The value annually of changing my habits from coffee shops and service stations for my daily fix of Cappuccino to a McDonalds drive thru.

How easy do you make it for the customer? There is a limit to how many cards a customer is prepared to carry around with them. I carry Tesco, Costa and Starbucks.

My McDonalds card sits in the car arm rest. Using customer information to drive sales. Tesco know more about the shopping behaviours of its regular club card member shoppers, than any other retailer in the UK.

They know when you treat yourself, how much fuel you buy, how susceptible to offers you are, how much you spend on your Christmas food shop and what time of the day or night you do it.

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Tesco has an enormous department trying to make sense of this data and looking for patterns. At the last count over 4, different variations in vouchers and offers was sent out to its customers.

An overview of the frequency marketing defined by brand loyalty

I had a discussion with a company of approx. Many retailers offering schemes have no proviso to data capture. This is crazy, customers should sign up and retailers then use email, social media and direct mail to drive customers back into the store.

Making your scheme work. Getting started — rewards set in the future are less impacting on our behaviour.

There are two things you can do that will help: Get customers to sign up and give them some points.A marketing orientation has been defined as a "philosophy of business management." or "a corpora A firm employing a product orientation is mainly concerned with the quality of its own product.

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Learn more about advanced analytics and targeted insights to drive action. Press Ganey experts will share the key statistical concepts and Press Ganey tools that provide the foundation for performance improvement. What Is The Definition of Customer Loyalty?

By Brandon Carter | Updated on Feb 6, AM Customer loyalty can be defined in several different ways. People worldwide are largely engaged and attached with the web technology and Social media platforms.

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Information related to marketing RSS, new RSS software releases, beta test opportunities, new RSS directories and discussions of opportunities related to RSS. Definition: Frequency Marketing.

Frequency Marketing is a marketing strategy which is used to lure and retain customers for a long term. Frequency marketing includes events like advertising at frequent intervals, giving discounts to loyal customers, organising events etc.

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