Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion

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Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion

Does your company explicitly know the value of its customers?

Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion

If not could your company utilize CLV? What are some of the practical issues of implementing the use of CLV in a firm? What are the major issues in the Redwood case?

What recommendations do you have for the management of Redwood? Which Rosewood property would you like to visit? Caneel Bay, a Rosewood Resort Customer lifetime value is an important focus in health care business. The health care market is patient driven.

That is why hospital put a lot of effort in patient relationship management. Not only will loyal customers continue to do business with you indefinitely, loyal customers will refer other customers to you at little or no cost.

Besides clinical outcome, patient satisfaction analysis and management is paramount in predicting profitability in hospital business.

The company I work for is a cancer institution. Therefore, we can forecast estimated future revenue if we can keep the patient as our lifetime customer. It is therefore paramount to culture the loyalty relationship with the patient to ensure CLV.

We constantly track patient satisfaction and patient safety to identify issues and resolve problems. Patients are allied in improving outcomes. We encourage patients participation in their care and we empower them to become full partner of their care which in turn create CLV long term relationship and hence CLV.

Due to the lack of corporate branding, cross-properties customer rate is very low as other locations are not marketed to them. With the emphasis of individual branding, any marketing expense spent only benefit one hotel and not all the locations.

The lack of corporate branding awareness diminishes customer profitability and customer lifetime value. However if corporate branding strategy is used, some hotel managers may feel threatened in their autonomy to manage the properties because with more brand standards come all kinds of other things like spa branding or other branded programs.

Additionally, there is a concern of homogenizing the individual brands. If corporate brand strategy is used, management challenges would include requirement of certain baseline quality for all Rosewood hotels in addition to the individual characteristics of each property.

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Financially speaking, the number seems to support corporate branding. I would recommend the management of Rosewood Hotel to implement the corporate branding strategy.

I think this is a very smart way of increasing the corporate brand marketing while still retaining individual brand. One way of corporate brand marketing can be one by offering rewards for cross-properties stay where customers can redeem at any Rosewood hotels.

Promotion can be emailed to customers while informing them of their rewards earned and market other properties at the same time. Honestly, who would not want to stay at an exclusive resort, nestled within the Virgin Islands National Park on St.

John and surrounded by secluded white sand beaches.Hbsp: Culinarian Cookware Case Analysis Communication and Promotion 18 March Culinarian Cookware Case Culinarian Cookware has a prestigious band image, is a leader in premium cookware market, and delivers an outstanding product.

Culinarian Cookware Pondering Price Promotion Harvard Brief Case Solution TAGS: case study case solution, marketing mature products marketing planning program budgeting quantitative analysis sales promotions communication strategy pricing.

Case: Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion () Should Culinarian run a price promotion? If so, what should be the specifics of such a promotion (e.g. prod. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your company. Case Solution and Analysis of Culinarian Cookware: Pondering Price Promotion by John A.

Culinarian cookware pondering price promotion

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From the sales figure and analysis of the price promotion, it is determined that the price promotion strategy actually resulted in lost contribution of $, and $99, in contribution was lost due to cannibalization of its own products.

The goal of pricing promotion is maximization of profit. 1.

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Based on market research findings, 30% would be motivated to buy new cookware because of price discount while 20% would be motivated to buy because of free gifts with purchases 2. Retailers would often get confused with free gifts and felt it occupied too much of floor space.

Timing: Peak season 1.

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