Just say no to private prisons essay

Having reviewed the language of this idiotic Initiative I simply cannot support this personally.

Just say no to private prisons essay

It serves mainly to identify and ban cannabis consumers from the workforce, or sanction them at the workplace or schools. Drug Testing primarily targets people who use marijuana, as the other drugs which are tested dissipate very quickly. Marijuana may remain detectable for up to 90 days -- long after the effects are felt.

Often people who have never done any drugs will fail a drug test as a result of false positives and inaccuracies within the testing industry itself. Drug testing has nothing to do with impairment and everything to do with discrimination and is a violation of our human rights. The National Academy of Sciences formed the Committee on Drug Use in the Workplace -- a team of nationally recognized experts -- to study the effectiveness of drug testing.

They spent three years collecting, studying and synthesizing every significant study on the impact of drug use in the workplace.

Just say no to private prisons essay

It was published in book form in as Under the Influence: Drugs and the American Workforce. Much of the information in this report was derived from this study. Employers have relied on information provided by drug testing promoters who have an inherent conflict of interest on the topic. Drug Testing products and services are now a multi-billion dollar industry which rely on the magnification of the severity of drug-related problems in the workplace and extolling the benefits of drug testing as a solution.

They market drug testing with the promise that they will improve productivity and profits. They use bogus studies to arrive at estimates of "costs of lost productivity. The NAS stated, " the data do not provide clear evidence of the deleterious effects of drugs other than alcohol on safety and other job performance indicators.

The NAS claimed," Illicit drugs contribute little to the overall rate of industrial accidents. And, when they do so, it is in a way that does not affect their work performance. In comparing the residual effect of occasional off-duty stimulant use, they found it to be no more profound than the effects that occur following "sleep deprivation in the absence of drug use.

Drug testing does not test impairment. As a result, drug tests mainly identify drug users who may have used a drug on the weekend, as they might use alcohol, and who are not under the influence of a drug while at work or when tested.

It takes several hours for drug metabolites to appear in urine, so drug tests may miss drug users who are under the influence of drugs at the time the test is given. Using the Kaiser Permanente data, researchers found no significant differences between health care costs for marijuana users to non-users.

Do Christian's think putting people in prison is a waste of money and why

Drug testing deters highly qualified workers from applying. They may be users who do not want to give up their use, or people who are opposed to giving up their privacy, or are civil libertarians. Many employers in high tech industries have discontinued drug testing programs as they limit their ability to hire qualified workers.

Drug testing programs impact morale and job satisfaction finding urine collection to be "degrading and demeaning" and humiliating.

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At the time of collection, workers fill out a form to reveal personal information about medications they may be taking. This information can be used against them even for legally prescribed medications. Firms with pre-employment testing, compared with [High tech] firms with no drug testing at all, scored 16 percent lower on productivity measures.For-profit prisons, yes.

Private prisons administration is an additional step removed from the voters, compared to public prisons. Unlike schools, utilities, or other candidates for privatization, prisoners don't choose their prison.

Learning to say no has been one of the best things I have done for myself. Not only has it challenged me to overcome my fear of rejection, it has helped me to feel in control. I . Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage.

Essay about Just Say No to Private Prisons. Just Say No to Private Prisons Here's a frightening scenario: Ghetto dwellers, who cannot find meaningful and high paid employment, commit crimes with increasing ferocity and frequency.

There's simply no credibility, and -- the real problem -- no way for us to verify anything these people might say.

It's a perfect environment for conspiracy theories to take root: no trust, assuming the worst, no way to verify the facts. We know of a man who was sent back to prison for a year for eating a sandwich with poppy seed bread (without the courtesy of a re-test) which tested positive for opiates.

Just say "NO" to drug testing! their private life. The "right to be left alone" is, in the words of the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, "the most.

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