Marsiglia final essay

Indignation over the failure of government galvanized New Orleans women as it had women reformers of the Progressive Era, with whom they have much in common.

Marsiglia final essay

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. A Community-Based Participatory Research methodology CBPRcombined with a 9-step adaptation model, emphasized a collaborative approach, both transformative and empowering.

Essential adaptation elements were the Risk-to-Resiliency Continuum; the teaching of a wide range of skills including risk assessment, decision making, and resistance strategies; and, maintaining the theoretical grounding of Narrative Theory, Communication Competence, and Focus Theory of Norms.

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This paper describes how CBPR methodology can be conducted successfully while focusing on sustained theoretical grounding and effective research practices in a school-based setting. This article describes how Community-Based Participatory Research CBPR methodology was used in conjunction with adaptation theories and practices to create a 5th grade version of a national model drug prevention curriculum originally developed for and used with 7th grade students.

Marsiglia final essay

Special attention is given to steps used to adapt the curriculum, theoretical foundations on which the curriculum was built, and characteristics of the new target audience.

First, we describe theoretical underpinnings of the original curriculum. Next, we describe recruitment of community-based partners who helped guide the adaptation. Then, we report on tasks that teacher partners completed. Finally, we discuss outcomes including student feedback and implications for use of CBPR to develop effective prevention messages for youth.

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Most frequently considered was fidelity and fit Castro et al. Development of academic proficiency during implementation of the original and adapted curriculum, although not included as a philosophical principle, was considered a primary realism factor.

As is the case with nearly all states since NCLB legislation, Arizona mandates academic standards for each grade level and school performance using high-stakes testing is of paramount concern for school-based implementations.

Narrative Theory Clandinin, ; Fischer, was considered the primary theoretical anchor of the adaptation because developmental and social levels of 10 and 11 year olds posed a different set of life experiences. Student stories for 10 and 11 year olds in elementary schools were far more teacher- family- and parent- driven than those described by the emerging semi-autonomous middle school adolescents whose stories were used in the original version.

Providing students with opportunities to develop a broad range of communication skills by adding specific language and word choices to their repertoire of responses was a recurring theme of all learning objectives throughout the lessons.

Students learned a variety of ways to counter offers to participate in risky situations, choosing responses that best matched the cultural values and family systems within which they operated every day Miller et al.

When socially acceptable norms, therefore, are embedded into behavior sequences early, those norms are linked to self-efficacy, especially in relationships that influence behaviors. CBPR served as the primary focus of the first stages.

Following engagement of community, adaptation methodology became the focus. This methods section describes both, as the study moved from recruiting community participants to producing a culturally grounded adaptation.

Therefore, we developed a list of characteristics important to have represented in the adaptation discussions—a range of classroom teaching experience, a mix of genders, representation from multiple districts in the urban area, and representation of the many cultures of urban students.

The team turned to schools to recruit teachers matching the characteristics and who were interested in participation, requiring teachers to agree to an additional 16 hour commitment at the end of several working days.

Importantly, professional participation was acknowledged in the published curriculum; each teacher was named as part of the Curriculum Development Team.

Adaptation as an Iterative Process As phases of adaptation were undertaken, the research team balanced theoretical grounding of the prevention science component with the developmental needs of 5th graders Stanton, Guo, et al. Teaching professionals integrated instructional guidelines with academic requirements and social structure dynamics of the age group Stefanich et al.

For each lesson, the research team presented the theory behind topics and objectives. Following that, the teaching professionals generated direct instruction segments, in-class activity content, and homework.

The development team incorporated national and state standards in classroom activities and homework while integrating the facilitated learning model for teachers, then tying everything back to theoretically grounded learning objectives.

Using this iterative process ensured that the participatory model was embedded in all outcomes; that adaptation team continuously referenced the theories guiding development of all curriculum components Tsarouk etal, Adaptation of the videos that accompany the curriculum was undertaken using the same approach.Luengo, Maria Angeles, Stephen Kulis, Flavio Francisco Marsiglia, Estrella Romero, José Antoni Gómez‐Fraguela, Paula Villar, and Tanya Nieri.

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