Medical case study terminology

Zn zinc 65Zn zinc 65 Zr zirconium ZSR zeta sedimentation ratio Carrier A public or private insurance organization under contract with the Federal Government's Health Care Financing Administration to process claims and inquiries from physicians and suppliers of service. Carriers Responsible for handling Medicare claims for services by physicians, suppliers, and other health care practitioners covered under Part B of the Medicare program. Case A covered instance of sickness or injury. Case Management The process by which all health related matters of a case are managed by a physician or nurse or designated components of health care, such as appropriate referral to consultants, specialists, hospitals, ancillary providers and services.

Medical case study terminology

Medical case study terminology

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss By: The gentleman was in his early fifties and he reported that last evening, after cutting his grass he went to accompany his wife on the front porch with a glass of iced tea. He reported being tired and wanting to relax a bit before calling it a day.

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Suddenly, he felt fullness in his left ear. He knew something had happened but did not understand exactly what. His wife spoke to him and he could not understand.

He thought at first she was not speaking clearly. He asked her to repeat her comment and she did.

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He realized that it was the hearing in his left ear that was a problem. He could not hear out of it. The employee went to bed as he was tired and was hoping the problem would go away over night.

When he awoke the next morning he still could not hear in his left ear. He reported to the medical department at the first opportunity soon after he arrived at work.

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I just happened to be there at the time. Once the employee was interviewed, we conducted a pure-tone hearing test. It confirmed a significant hearing change in the left ear and stable hearing in the right ear.

A tuning fork test indicated the hearing loss was sensorineural.

Medical case study terminology

An otoscopic evaluation revealed normal eardrums tympanic membranes and no impacted wax. The employee did not wear hearing aids. A test of eardrum mobility tympanometry showed normal middle ear functioning. An evaluation of the function of the outer hair cells of the cochlea Otoacoustic Emissions revealed normal functioning in both ears.

SSHL is described as an abrupt sensorineural hearing loss of 30 dB HL or greater over at least three audiometric frequencies occurring within 72 hours or less. What are the chances of SSHL occurring? Approximately 4, cases of SSHL are diagnosed each year.

A minority present with loss in both ears. What are the presenting conditions? The most important of all symptoms are patient reports of sudden hearing loss and the onset or a change in the perception of tinnitus. Awakening from sleep is common. Therefore securing a good history is important. What can cause SSHL?

This case study on physician-assisted suicide is used in a medical ethics course. The case itself is a short article published in in the New England Journal of Medicine in which Dr. Timothy E. Quill described his care for a patient suffer. Medical Terminology with Case Studies in Sports Medicine provides an enjoyable way to learn medical terminology – without details of therapy, pharmacological treatment, or surgical options of diseases. Instead, this text uses a fun method to deliver an overview of anatomy relevant to each body system, and explains new word elements of that system. During a plant visit to review the company’s hearing conservation program and resolve medical referrals resulting from the review of hearing tests, an unscheduled employee presented with an .

There are five areas of possible cause in differential diagnosis: Standard audiological evaluations as air conduction, bone conduction, speech audiometry, immittance, otoacoustic emissions OAE and auditory evoked response testing show a sensorineural hearing loss.The Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist, or CMRS Certification Exam, is designed to promote ethical and professional medical billing practices.

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Medical Billers and Coders is the largest consortium in the United States. We can help you save 35% of your cost in medical billing services and reduce your Account Receivables (AR) days to an average of 21 days. Case Studies The Department of Pathology at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has formatted many pathology cases for online viewing.

The case database is growing constantly, with several members of the department and residents contributing cases on a regular basis.

Journal of Medical Case Reports, the world’s first international PubMed-listed medical journal devoted to case reports from all medical disciplines. Edited by a highly esteemed Editorial Board, the journal welcomes original case reports that have an educational value and expand the field of general medical .

Contents Introduction List of Abbreviations List of Acronyms of Cancer Organisations The Female Reproductive Organs Combined List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Introduction.

This section aims to provide a reference list of abbreviations and acronyms that are frequently used within oncology. Bed Rail Entrapment Statistics Today there are about million hospital and nursing home beds in use in the United States.

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