Power of irony in literature essay

Irony Definition of Irony Irony is a figure of speech in which words are used in such a way that their intended meaning is different from the actual meaning of the words.

Power of irony in literature essay

The essays are ideal for those taking examinations in English Literature. Irony Of Earthly Power - words People live life wanting everything they can't afford. Millions of Americans idealize famous movie actors and musicians, and wish to aspire to that degree of wealth. Many people are envious of such billionaires as Bill Gatesand tell themselves they could have done that.

Everyone wants to be rich. They feel that if they had all the money they wanted, they could truly be happy. The truth is that money and riches really Power of irony in literature essay bring anyone an unsurpassable or measureless amount of happiness.

For example, winners of the Powerball lottery game may seem to have found happiness, but on a recent Oprah show they told of their extreme depression, and even the debt that money cost them. In fact, being rich or powerful brings just the opposite of happiness.

It brings depression, and a legacy of nothingness. One example of this is seen in Percy Bysshe Shelley's Ozymandias. A traveler was talking with the speaker of the poem, and describing his recent journey to "[.

But now, that statue is "[. In Shelley's poem, the traveler describes the characteristics of the King very well, and implies his unhappiness. Even power over slaves did not delight him.

Irony - Examples and Definition of Irony in Literature

The King may have been powerful, but that power evidently did not bring him pleasure. Perhaps the greatest proof that riches and power did not bring the King immense happiness is his decrepit statue.

His message to the world is ironic in itself. One way could be a threat to anyone who dares to claim themselves the "[. No one can ever surpass this success! Nothing remains but his words. The face of his statue is broken, just like his legacy.

Or perhaps Ozymandias' statement is one everyone should head. Perhaps he is saying, 'Look at what my success has become: Despair mortals, for earthly success is always nothingness. Because only his words remain, and nothing but, people should take in his advice.

Power and prestige does not equate fame or prosperity. Another important example of how earthly riches bring nothing is in Thomas Hardy's The Convergence of the Twain3. Because he starts his poem with "Lines on the Loss of the Titanic[.

His firsts stanza tells of the ship now, how it sits calmly at the bottom of the ocean, "[. Throughout the poem, Hardy goes back and forth between the materialistic, high-class society that boarded the ship and those that house themselves there now. The mirrors, once golden and glowing with the faces of rich, beautiful men and women, now reflect the ugliness of the undersea world.

Even the ornate jewelry that this society adorned themselves with have become nothing more than homes for sea algae. They now are blurry, blackened spheres of a time long passed.

Hardy prepares for us a rhetorical question, and one that proves to be the most important line of the entire piece: Again, the Titanic itself was a monstrosity of wealth.

Power of irony in literature essay

It was the Unsinkable ship. It had a beautiful ballroom, and luxurious dining room, ornate furniture and decorations.

Power of irony in literature essay

But unfortunately, it sunk.Essay on Power of Irony in Literature - Strictly speaking, irony is simply a discordance or incongruity of facts. It arises when a discrepancy occurs between what a person says and what he does.

Sample essay topic, essay writing: Irony Of Earthly Power - words People live life wanting everything they can't afford. Millions of Americans idealize famous movie actors and musicians, and wish to aspire to that degree of wealth.

The Power of Irony in "The Death of a Salesman" Essay Words | 8 Pages English Professor: Jeff Ousborne 04/05/ The Power of Irony on “The Death of a Salesman” Authors use irony in literature in order to give double meanings and make it more interesting to the reader.

An Analysis of Power and Violence in Literature Essay Words | 6 Pages An Analysis of Power and Violence in Literature Violence and power are both significant sources of conflict in the world we currently live in.

Large animals exert their power over smaller . Through this symbolism, and by showing Ozymandias’ failure despite how his power seemed everlasting in the past, the poet reveals the fleeting nature of human power, ultimately destined to be fall.

Lastly, the irony created by Shelley demonstrates the ephemeral nature of human authority, regardless of the greatness or the size of the power. The essay will include the causes of the dominance of English in the world, its part in the world and in my life as well as the negative results of Published: Thu, 14 Dec Previous.

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