Report industrial visit

Dewas Metal Sections Ltd. Road, Dewas, MP was conducted on The details are as follows: The bus reached Dewas Metal Sections Ltd, in 4:

Report industrial visit

Report industrial visit

The students of 5th semester Section A of mechanical engineering under the supervision of Prof. Through the visit student understood the basic concepts about pipe manufacturing through plastic extrusion machine.

Students observed the whole process of plastic pipe manufacture right from basic raw material of plastic granules to finished product in the form of pipes of various sizes. They also visited the Quality Testing Lab and gained knowledge of various tests being carried out to check quality of their products.

The visit was helpful for the students to understand the industrial working conditions and various sections within the industry.

Report ON INDUSTRIAL VISIT for MBA 1st Year students to “BISLERI”

The students of 5th semester Section A and B of mechanical engineering under the supervision of Prof. Through the Lecture Mr. Amit Rao the Expert guest shared his experience of over 9 years in the field of Automation sector with the students.

Through the Lecture the students understood the various concepts and current trends in Industrial Automation adopted by various sections within the industry.Download Report On Industrial Visit In Parle G.

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Report industrial visit

industrial visit report ISTE Student Chapter, in association with the department of Mechanical Engineering, arranged industrial visits on 24/09/, 5 th Semester students of Mechanical Engineering from Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and .

Nov 17,  · Last Updated On 17/11/ All Copyrights Reserved | SSRIMR Powered By Scalatica Solutions. Report on Industrial visit to ISRO A one day Industrial visit to Indian space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore was organized by Department of Electronics and Communication on 4th September It was a half day visit by 37 students of 5th semester along with 2 faculty members.

Report On Industrial Visit | Department of chemistry

Report on Industrial Visit to Jay Research Foundation (JRF) Global, Valvada Date of visit September 6, Place of visit Jay Research Foundation (JRF) Global, Valvada Coordinators from college Mr. Praful Dedhiya, Dr. Furqan Maulvi, Dr. Vilas Surana, Dr. Shrikant Joshi.

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REPORT ON INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO ANJANI PORTLAND CEMENT FACTORY. SUBMITTED BY R. Prazgna M. Kirti urbanagricultureinitiative.comha 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We have taken efforts in this project.

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